Alpen Ridge 101 Niseko – Sold


Representing the buyer side, Taiga recently brokered the purchase of Alpen Ridge 101 in Niseko. The buyer wanted to be able to wake up and see the lift line before launching into his gear. Alpen Ridge offered this incredible proximity, and the new owner is now happily waxing his boards in preparation for the coming winter.

Konoha House Niseko


Representing the buyer side, Taiga recently brokered the deal of Konoha House in lower Niseko. As long time fans looking for a place to hang their hats in Niseko, the buyers had been watching the market, and saw the value of this well proportioned house. With a little touch-up, Konoha House will be a great pad to wind down the day (or crank up the evening), and to host friends.

Shiki Niseko – 343 Winter Market Opens!

The 343 Winter Market has opened at Shiki Niseko, launching a new chapter in retail for the Niseko Hirafu area. Visitors to the village have been hungry for more shopping options, and in particular options for food. The 343 Winter Market introduces theAbucha Sweets shop, selling cakes, bread, and other confections. Abucha is of course already famous locally for the Abucha Restaurant.

Niseko Farms is a local farmers market, selling local produce from the Niseko area, for those who want to taste the quality that comes out of the rich volcanic soil.

Ogasawara Shouten is a well known Omiyage Gift Shop, making a triumphant return to Niseko after a brief hiatus. They will be selling famous brands such as Hokkaido’s Royce Chocolates, and Shiroi Koibito cookies.

Starting in January, Rebunese Seafood will be offering the best of Hokkaido’s seafood. The headquarters are based on Rebun Island, on the northern tip of Hokkaido, and they specialize in sourcing direct from local fishermen. Rebunese can also take pre-orders for their shop at Chitose Airport, which makes for a more seamless trip home.

A first for Hirafu, also located in the market is a nail salon, a nice addition for women who want to buff up nails that have been cramped in cold boots all day.

Also in Shiki Niseko is Demo Rental for Ski and Snowboard rental.

Toyota Rental Car has also increased their presence in Niseko with a small fleet, to answer an increasing need by repeat visitors who want to venture further afield.

Last but not least, the cornerstone of the Shiki Niseko retail area is Kamimura Restaurant, Hirafu’s first Michelin Star restaurant. Fine dining at its best.

Higashiyama (Niseko Village) Log House Sold!

Located close to the Niseko Village and a future development by YTL of Malaysia, this log house in Higashiyama was a great entry level purchase with potential for capital gains. The new owner is renovating the house to show its true alpine potential.