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Changes to Kutchan Town's Quasi-City Planning Area

Dec 27, 2021

To People Concerned about Kutchan Town,

Kutchan Town has been reviewing the Quasi-City Planning regulations, which greatly affects development in and around Grand Hirafu and Hanazono Resorts. Kutchan Town plans to finalize the new laws this winter, and make into law by summer, 2022. To date, there has been little consultation with the local public, businesses, or other stakeholders. The proposed changes do not address some fundamental challenges, including traffic and parking. We are going to petition Kutchan Mayor Monji to slow down and deepen the process, and welcome more community input. We welcome anyone who has some connection to Kutchan Town and the Niseko area resorts to sign up, and also share the petition onwards. We have until January 10th to complete the petition, before we submit to the mayor.

Your contribution is much appreciated.

Please click here to add your name to the letter.

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