Radiation Levels Low in Hirafu Village and Around Hokkaido

  • Taiga Staff
  • November 08, 2011
  • Niseko

The Hokkaido Government has begun taking radiation readings in Hirafu Village, in front of the Welcome Center by the Alpen Hotel. The Japanese government says the acceptable national limit is 3.8μSv/h, and radiation levels taken in Hirafu Village show levels of under 0.05μSv/h. This tiny amount is actually lower than residual radiation levels in many major overseas urban centers.

You can see monthly updates on the radiation levels on the Hokkaido Government website, which shows tourism areas around Hokkaido. Hirafu Village in Niseko is listed the third from the top, and the radiation reading for October is 0.036μSv/h:

360Niseko has been doing their own independent radiation readings in Niseko, and you can read them here:

Daily readings from Kutchan Town are available as well:

Part of the reason to publicize these readings was to address a great concerns from overseas tourists. With handheld radiation readers easily available, it is also easy to confirm these readings. With these low radiation levels, hopefully anyone planning a trip to Niseko will feel at ease.

6.2 Hectare Niseko Land Site Sells in Hanazono

A stunning 6.2 Hectare Land site in Hanazono sold recently. Located on a hill top with steep river valleys on both sides, and farms beyond that, this property has total privacy. Walking the site with the buyer gave me a whole new appreciation for how special this land really is… wide open nature, Yotei and Annupuri views, and the sound of the rivers below. Living here year round, it is easy to lose perspective on what a beautiful place Niseko really is.

The sale also points to an interesting trend over the past few years. Buyers are increasingly turning towards large, estate style properties, providing further proof that the Niseko resort market is maturing towards luxury, pure lifestyle investments. Not at all uncommon in places like Jackson Hole, Whistler, or Aspen, this segment of the Niseko market only really started to flourish after the Lehman meltdown. Largely this is because buyers have come back to the original reason that started this whole Niseko property thing… it is first and foremost a lifestyle investment, something to be enjoyed with family over a long period of time.

If you look at houses built by foreigners over the past 3 years, you will see these are almost uniformly quite high end, to a degree much higher than before the Great Recession. And not because these owners are any more well heeled than earlier buyers. Rather, they recognize that this is not a flipping type of market, and if you are going to invest and hold for 5~10 years, then you may as well sink a little more money into the property and really enjoy it.