New listings : Kabayama 59-95 St. Moritz


St. Moritz is growing in popularity, and has seen a considerable about of new chalet projects pop up in the past few years.  Located only 5 minutes drive from the Grand Hirafu ski resort, the area is within walking distance to all the village life. This gently sloping lot has great views of Mt. Yotei, and also views of Mt Annupuri behind.  In the evening you can enjoy the fantastic night lights of Grand Hirafu Resort.

New listings : Yamada 83-38 Izumikyo Land

1 Yamada 83 38 Izumikyo Land

Gently sloping, the site is well suited for a house.  The views to Mt. Yotei will be clear from the upper floors, free of pesky power lines.below the lot are established houses, making it easier to plan with confidence.  Located on a flat, quiet street in Izumikyo 2, this area really shines during summer.  Restaurants are just a short walk away, as is the village shuttle bus. A Taiga Real Estate exclusive listing.

Moiwa House - Long Term Lease

Moiwa House Lease7

Moiwa House has an oversized common area, with 3 comfortable bedrooms, 2 toilets, and a large bathroom. In the immediate area of Moiwa and Annupuri, there are restaurants and onsen hot springs. Monthly rent is 275,000yen/ month (December 1 to March 31), plus utilities.

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Hirafu Area Management Steering Committee

  • Keith Rodgers
  • June 29, 2016
  • Niseko

On May 31, 2016, I was appointed by Kutchan Mayor Nishie to be on the steering committee for the Hirafu Area Management Association.  This is a broad based initiative between residents, businesses, and government, picking up where the Business Improvement District (BID) initiative left off a few years ago.  The purpose of the association will be to address local issues and opportunities.

Kutchan Town has announced they will pay for Area Management Initiatives through local taxes, but it is still unclear what form this will take, and which activities will be governed by the Hirafu Area Management Association.

My objective is to continue to push Kutchan Town to study how much longer current infrastructure can keep up with development. Remove conjecture and opinion, and start with some hard realities. At what point are the lift lines too long, traffic unmanageable, toilets no longer flushing, etc? 

I have suggested for over two years that they take the average growth of the last 10 years, and extrapolate that forward by 10 years (fair I think, since we have had some big peaks and valleys in development).  Once the limits of infrastructure are known, then the building code could be revised accordingly. Point being, the cheapest infrastructure solutions are the ones Kutchan Town does now, on paper. 

Hopefully we can help to shape a positive future for our community and the next generation.

Keith Rodgers

Area Management