Asahi 306-51 : North Hills Land

This peaceful land in idyllic North Hills is surrounded by beautiful trees, and is located just 1 km from the Hanazono Resort and Park Hyatt Niseko.

  • Hanazono
  • ¥399,741: Price per tsubo
  • Land Area: 1,085m² (328.2 tsubo)
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This fan-shaped land surrounded by beautiful trees is located slightly higher than the surrounding area, granting it good views and privacy. North Hills has a building coverage ratio of 30% and a floor area ratio of 100%, creating more space between the homes and preserving more green space. It makes it the perfect area for enjoying Hokkaido's relaxed lifestyle, within the atmosphere of the resort. This area of North Hills has covenants that restrict holiday rentals, making it a more quiet and private collection of private holiday homes and year round residents.

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