Niseko Yakushi Onsen

Imagine the perfect site for a remote wellness spa and forest retreat, and that is Yakushi Onsen (Hot Springs). It is nestled within an expansive 2.1 hectare site, amongst mature stands of pine, oak, and elm. The Yakushi onsen source literally bubbles out of the ground, and is well known within Japan for its mineral content and healing properties.


200m up from the site, the only hint of a neighbour is a torii (traditional gate), which leads up a long approach to a traditional Shinto mountain shrine. A gentle stream flows through the land, feeding pools full of lily pads.

Truly natural sources like Yakushi Onsen are very rare. Most onsens have been drilled, an expensive procedure that can cost between 70~100,000,000 yen, a large pump to pull the hot water, plus expensive maintenance/replacement work to keep the pipes free of mineral content. Yakushi Onsen constantly replenishes itself, and even though the building is now shuttered, the pools are full of hot water. For anyone looking to run an onsen spa, or even just as a private retreat, the long term savings of having a natural onsen source are immeasurable.

It is very rare to see an onsen for sale in the Niseko area, making this a unique opportunity. One can easily imagine a new retreat spa on this idyllic land, catering specifically to spa seeking guests. Yakushi Onsen is located just a 15 minute drive to Annupuri Resort and Moiwa Resort, giving convenient resort access to winter visitors as well.

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