Yamada 163-152: Middle Hirafu

With dual road access, interesting topography, and views of Mt. Annupuri and a nearby forest, this site is quite within Hirafu Village.


Located in Middle Hirafu Village, this site provides for a lot of interesting building outcomes. The dual road access means car and pedestrian access could be from either the top or the bottom of the site. With the upcoming development of Arukuzaka Street, this land will have immediate access right out the door to the largest concentration of restaurants and retail in the Niseko area. Even with larger buildings along Arukuzaka, the left flank of Mt. Annupuri should continue to be visible, and on the other side there is a view corridor down the quiet top road to Mt. Yotei. To the west is a quiet forest. To see a potential luxury 5 bedroom chalet outcome, please check the floorplans designed for the current owner.

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