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Heli Footage of Beautiful Niseko Onsen Sale

Jun 05, 2014

You gotta love it when technology takes a jump that is uplifting. Literally so, in the case of the mini drone helicopters, which give you an entirely new perspective of wild spaces and also building sites. A few years ago Taiga Real Estate brokered the sale of an onsen hot spring in Niseko, which sits in the middle of some stunning scenery. At the end of the road, totally private (you cannot see a single neighbour), on top of a cliff above a wild mountain creek, looking up into the backbowls of Annupuri, and also across the value to Mt. Yotei. However, even with a 360 degree panoramic photo, I felt that the pictures did not do justice to this land. Fortunately Glen Claydon of 360Niseko came to the rescue, and for the first time a viewer can get a sense of the breathtaking beauty of the onsen’s topography.

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