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Two old friends envisioned a piece of nature for their young families to enjoy and grow within, and from this friendship we embarked on the journey that became Shakuzen. The first step was for Taiga to help source a piece of land that quietly backs onto a wild mountain stream at the base of Mt. Annupuri.

With classic alpine lines juxtaposed into a bold cantilevered structure, the twin Shakuzen chalets Mori and Kawa are mirror images of each other. Combining contemporary Japanese design with the Northern European influences, the lines are clean and the color palette is quiet. Bordering an idyllic mountain stream, Shakuzen is nestled within Hokkaido's birch and oak forest, and the surrounding Hokkaido forest is captured through window "snapshots", which will become the ever changing wall art.

The large living room on the second floor is spacious under vaulted ceilings, with multiple areas to sit and chat, including an oversized bay window to curl up and read a book. For the kid's enjoyment, the large bunk room has its own media area.

Employing a steel structure, Shakuzen is cantilevered on both ends, and from both the master bedroom and living room you have the feeling you can reach out and touch the tree tops. We utilized the cantilever to reduce the size of the foundations, to lessen the impact on the site. Using triple glazed windows and a heating system that recirculates the heat from the apex of the ceiling back under the floor, these chalets were also designed to be efficient.

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