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Yukine 雪音

We were approached by the new owners of Yukine to renovate their holiday home. The house had been well maintained by the previous owner, yet at the same time the distinct style and taste did not match the client's tastes. They wanted to give their vacation home a fresh start, as well as providing the necessary equipment to become a licensed hotel for guest accommodation.

As the designer and the project manager, TAIGA Projects examined the existing space layouts, materials and utilities, then made proposals adapt these conditions to the clients’ needs. The proposal included the redefinition of the entrance, kitchen and dining, dryroom, and the ensuited master bedroom and bathrooms.

The entrance space was transformed from the small and cluttered entry to more grand and welcoming space into the house. The previous kitchen/dining layout was rather traditional, partitioned into small spaces that made the users feel like they were relegated to cooking at the back of the house. We opened up the kitchen and connected it to the rest of the house, by removing unnecessary partitions and aligning the ceiling heights. A fully equipped new kitchen and bar counter made of the recycled wood was introduced, and the natural flow between Living-Dining-Kitchen was achieved. The enlarged window provides the natural light and allows the owner to watch the children when they play in the backyard.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are characterized with themed colors, distinct materials or mural wallpaper. The previous Greek styled columns and busy fireplace details were replaced with simple, contemporary lines, while natural wood floors, doors and bathroom counter were restored and re-used.

The newly painted exterior with yellow walls and a red door stands out even in a blizzard, welcoming the guests and owners towards a warm and cheerful home.

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