Yume DSC 1057 Master

Yume no Tsuzuki 夢の続

Yume no Tsuzuki means "the continuing dream", and for the owner embodies his transition into a relaxing retirement life in Niseko. More than just a holiday home, we set out to create a calm space for rejuvenation and reflection. Going right down to a granular level, we focussed on all of the detail that contributes to the total, be that a wall texture, hue, or a wood join. Shifting from one room into the next, one feels a rich and textural flow.

Every opportunity was given to showcase the skilled work of the superb craftsmen. For over two months, a master carpenter with 50 years experience toiled on the intricate wood detailing in the tatami room. Detailed design combined with stellar handwork and a total commitment to authentic, natural materials have produced a visually sumptuous and unique space.

Project Management and Interior Design Collaboration by Taiga Projects

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