Kondo 755-38 : Niseko Villa Site

This serene villa area offers close proximity to Mt Yotei, providing residents with an immersive experience of nature's tranquility.

  • Niseko Town
  • ¥59,923: Price per tsubo
  • Land Area: 331m² (100.1 tsubo)
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Located at the foot of Mt Yotei, the land provides a perfect distance to gaze upon the majestic beauty of the mountain while maintaining a serene atmosphere. Moreover, it sits at the midpoint of three ski resorts, offering convenience to reach any destination (22 minutes to Annupuri International Ski Resort, 23 minutes to Grand Hirafu Ski Resort, and 25 minutes to Rusutsu Resort) by car.

The Kondo area of Niseko town has garnered attention due to its appealing natural environment and convenient access to ski resorts, making it a highly sought-after location.

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