Project Management

Building overseas is difficult enough back home, never mind a whole new language, business culture, building code, or environment. Taiga’s project management team helps you to negotiate the myriad of challenges, in order to realize your alpine project.


Our focus on creative architecture and quality materials ensures these buildings will hold their value over time. A commitment to sustainable building design is central to our projects – essential in the harsh winter climate of Hokkaido. Beginning with the topography and nature of the site, surrounding buildings, and solar orientation, we explore ways to increase efficiency through design. Reducing the overall carbon footprint of the project is a priority of ours, and we achieve this by focusing on local materials, effective insulation, window selections, as well as solar orientation and effective weatherproofing.

Taiga is deeply involved in the architecture and design process, and believe each new project is a building block for a better Niseko. We collaborate with architects who have shown flexibility in approach and intriguing design, and will also find the best builder for your Niseko project. With an extensive network of Hokkaido’s top architects and builders, Taiga can introduce the right professionals for your building. On your behalf, we gather quotes, examine and give feedback on proposals, negotiate contractual terms, and supervise completion of the contract.


Regular update reports, and routine spot inspections mean the client is informed from start to finish. The construction schedule is supervised, and any changes, delays, or possible hitches are reported immediately.


Essential to a successful project, Taiga ensures clear communication between everyone involved, relaying requests, feedback, directions, delivery of contracts, invoices, and receipts, interpretation and translation. Weekly status reports are presented.

Cost Control

From negotiating your contract with the builder, providing verification on quotes, and anticipating and preventing the additional costs that pile-up at the end of a project, we will help you to deliver your project on budget and on time.


Whether dealing with the architect and builder, surveyor, management companies, solicitors, or local government – any one of a hundred people that may be involved in your project – our team is your contact on the ground.